Rooftop Gardening

Rooftop Gardening

Rooftop gardening has been practised for as long as there have been roofs. For years, city people have tucked plants on roofs and fire escapes. Green roofs, which are covered in soil and plants, have been around for a long time. We seem to always be yearning for more space, no matter how much land we have, and rooftop gardens of various kinds are becoming increasingly popular in residential and business settings.

Maintenance Best Services

Rooftop plants help to keep the region cool. Surprisingly, these gardens also aid in reducing noise. As wonderful as it seems, maintaining a rooftop garden can be a challenge. With competent aid, however, nothing is difficult.

  • They make use of space that is either unused or underutilised.
  • A garden adds beauty to an otherwise unattractive area.
  • They can provide privacy.
  • They have the potential to be incredibly environmentally beneficial.

Farmetos looks forward to catering its services to all types of plant lovers. We handle everything from different types of gardening to taking meticulous care of each plant, nurseries, soil preparation, and so on.

Services Features:

We take pride in saying that we provide various services to all the garden lovers out there. Also, we help many commercial sites to make their place more impeccable.

  • We take steps only after properly consulting with you.
  • We also make necessary suggestions because roof gardening includes some complexities.
  • We will take extensive care of your plants.
  • We believe in professionalism. Thus we are always on time.
  • Apart from rooftop gardening, we provide a variety of other services related to gardening.